Wedding Photography through Esoteric Vision

Thank you for considering my work. I simply love weddings and photography. It's one of my greater joys being privileged to bear witness and document a rare and great moment in someone's life, whether its a couple or a large wedding party. You'll find I have a strong commitment to my clients and their goal for their perfect wedding day in Belize.

You'll find that I gravitate to authentic moments and my work tends to be very photojournalistic with some fine art elements. I prefer to lead the both of you, family, and friends to good light and let the events unfold, naturally. I find if you simply assist and prompt, the events fall into place naturally. Some images are posed to perfection but for the most part think "authentic".

My goal is for you to look back at your images and understand the glance in someone's eye or the smirk on their face, tomorrow or twenty years from now. It's all about the story. I also tend to use natural light over flash as much as possible. The slideshow above really shows what my style offers. I hope you find it to your liking. Images are composed at key moments in the celebration but I won't let it run the wedding.

My Belize wedding photography packages offer you as my client a great deal of flexibility. Packages range from two hours of shooting time for a couple or very small group with simple needs to ten hours and multiple locations and photo sessions. Images provided are generous in amount and are provided in digital format, and as prints if desired. You own all personal rights to the images and can distribute and print freely. Images are delivered within 10 business days.

If you like my work, please contact me and give me some details for a quote. Packages start around $600 US. Engagement sessions and vacation travel photography services are also available as well. I'm always more than happy to speak with you. Thank you again.


Warmest Regards,

Benedict Kim